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A Comic Midcentury Novel About the Travails of Broadway's CAMELOT

Ready for submission. 


Amid the out-of-town chaos of the 1960 musical Camelot, a clever production assistant, Jane Conroy, tries to juggle her first theater job and her unexpected passion for a gifted singer in the chorus, Bryce Christmas. Part coming of age novel, part love story, part dish-filled history, A FLEETING WISP OF GLORY follows the comic travails of Camelot from its New York rehearsals to its lackluster tryouts in Toronto and Boston to its disappointing New York debut.


The show's creators Alan Jay Lerner, Fritz Loewe, and Moss Hart, and its stars Richard Burton, Julie Andrews, and Robert Goulet, struggle to save the tuneful tale of King Arthur's Round Table as Jane and Bryce face professional and romantic complications. How Camelot becomes a belated Broadway hit is one of the surprises of this midcentury novel that combines the wit and whimsy of My Favorite Year and TV's Smash with the backstage charms of Elizabeth Gilbert's novel CITY OF GIRLS.