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I Live to Write!

I'm a Maryland independent writer based in Baltimore and a proud member of the Authors Guild. I published my debut novel, The Voice I Just Heard, in 2012 and have recently published a new historical novel, One More Seat at the Round Table, about the out-of-town travails of the 1960 musical Camelot. I am now revising my third novel, Annie Oakley & the Wild West, about the life of American markswoman, Annie Oakley.


As an arts journalist, I have contributed articles to Classical Singer, Opera News, and Huff Post, where I've profiled some of America’s best singers and covered entertainment news. I've also written for newspapers.

In the 1980s, I launched a writing business in Washington, D.C., and as a freelancer created promotional materials for schools, banks, hospitals, and other companies. I coauthored a writing course for McGraw-Hill. Prior to earning a living through words, I did public affairs and/or marketing for Goodspeed Opera House, Syracuse Stage, and New York's Joffrey Ballet.

I hold a B.A. in Humanities from Michigan State. Later, I studied fiction writing with authors Doris Grumbach and Patricia Browning Griffith. 


I'm married to an elder-care health executive and we have a beautiful adult daughter who works in theater. We also have a tuxedo cat named Scout.